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Hakomed Bio-Electric Medicine Therapy

The Hako Med therapy works specifically on a chemical produced in the human body known as Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (cAMP). This chemical is responsible for the transmission of pain signals. Research has demonstrated that intracellular cAMP is depleted after being subjected to 4,000 Hz of electrical energy at adequate voltage. Electrical treatment at 1 volt and a frequency of 4,000 Hz over a period of 3 minutes showed a 28 percent depletion of the available cyclic AMP. This effectively will block 28% of the pain in just 3 minutes with a complete nerve pain block happening in 8-12 minutes (1). Hako Med Therapy provides all the benefits of traditional steroid injection therapy without the risks. The only contraindication is patient’s with electrical implanted devices may not qualify, however we have tested patients with pacemakers and found no conflict with frequencies over 4,000 Hz.

​Putting different frequencies into the body can have different effects.  At certain frequencies we can cause vasoconstriction, which reduces swelling, similar to icing the area.  At another frequency we can induce vasodilation, or the opening of blood vessels, to reduce edema and enhance circulation.

Research has shown that if you can expose a nerve to frequencies above 1000 or above its normal firing pattern, you get a biochemical reaction, rather than just a mechanical one.  The mechanical reaction is what you get with normal electrical modalities below 100 Hz, where you just get a vibration of the nerves and muscle contractions.

With the Hako Med, we can produce frequencies up to 20,000 Hz.  And believe me...that's impressive.  But the really cool feature of the Hako Med is that it allows us to cycle between frequencies, which allows us to provide the patients with a wide range of different frequencies.
What this means is that we can use this technology to increase the membrane permeability to increase the sodium/potassium influx and heal the nerve, or we can use it to relax muscles, or even to help bone and cartilage to heal - even promoting increased bone density with osteoporosis.