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Chronic Neck/Back Pain (bulging/herniated discs, stenosis etc.)

Peripheral Neuropathy

These extremely detailed exams are normally $195. 

Call us today at 925-718-8759 or schedule online to take advantage of his $49 exam special!

Dr. Filippini values your time as well as his. You will not wait in his waiting room for an hour like other doctors and you will have a full hour scheduled for your exam.

*You must show up on time for your scheduled appointment (please be 10-15 minutes early just to make sure)

All of the required paperwork must be filled out and completed prior to coming in for your appointment.* Our paperwork is extremely detailed and can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes to fill out. Please don't waste your scheduled time with the doctor filling out paperwork.
*Diabetes & Thyroid Exams will have paperwork sent ahead of time. All other appointment paperwork can be filled out in office.

Your spouse or significant other MUST be presentThis appointment will be where Dr. Filippini makes his recommendations for treatment. Your spouse must be here to understand your condition and understand what the recommended treatment is for. This will also be where any finances are discussed. If you can make the financial decisions on your own and do not want your spouse at this appointment, please let our staff know ahead of time.

We value your time and will do absolutely everything we can to make sure you are seen at your appointment time and we hope you will value Dr. Filippini's time by adhering to the above mentioned steps as well as understanding that if they are not followed, your time with the doctor could be minimized.