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Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology

Dr. Filippini is a Doctor of Chiropractic and also received his training in Functional medicine with Functional Medicine University, as well as Apex Energetics and ongoing training with his affiliates. He received his functional neurology training with the Carrick Institute, and continues to train with ongoing seminars and training with other affiliates to keep updated with the most current findings and techniques.

Functional medicine looks for the underlying cause of illness and disease through specialized lab testing to address the patient's metabolism and neurochemistry. This training allows Dr. Filippini to administer proper nutritional and dietary supplementation to help his patients improve and recover from many disorders naturally, including digestive disorders, parasites, metabolic (i.e. thyroid), *autoimmune, cardiovascular, fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, dysglycemia (hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, diabetes), *cancer support, and many others.
Please note that Dr. Filippini DOES NOT TREAT medical conditions, but addresses the underlying cause of illness and disease to help his patients strengthen their immune system, detoxify systems, and discover the underlying cause of their illness to address and make the necessary lifestyle changes and/or proper nutritional, dietary and supplement support.

*Cancer and Autoimmune conditions can never be "cured" in the sense that the disease process is eliminated, but if the underlying triggers are discovered and removed, the body can control the immune system and reverse the effects. Cancer stem cells are always present, and unless the trigger(s) are removed, it will likely return. Autoimmune conditions are an immune system response to a trigger or antigen. If re-exposed, once the condition is reversed, it WILL return. These conditions are about treating the lifestyle changes necessary to get and keep the patient at their optimal health.

Functional Neurology addresses the breakdown or neurological imbalances of the brain and nervous system by utilizing special techniques to improve the fuel delivery and activation of neurons and their pathways. This is a drug and surgery free procedure that improves neurodegeneration to improve conditions such as balance, dizziness, stroke, "brain fog", neuropathies, cognitive and many other neurodegenerative disorders.

Between the structural (chiropractic), metabolic, and neurological treatments for disorders of the human body, there are very few disease processes that cannot be helped. Find out if Holistic healthcare in Danville or naturopathic medicine is right for you. Call our office to see if Dr. Filippini can help you with YOUR specific condition today.

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Yours in health,

John P. Filippini, D.C.

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